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2023 BSA & Pack Fees Renewal

Hello Parents

Our Pack is going through its annual rechartering process with our local council this month. This process involves re-registering our Scouts who were with the pack before August 1st 2023 and continuing membership for our new Scouts after their registration.

We will be in the process of collecting membership renewal fees during this month. Here is a breakdown of those fees:

BSA Membership Renewal (2024)

Scouts BSA and our local council, Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, announced changes to their membership fees effective August 1st 2023, including how fees will be assessed in the future.

More information can be found here :

Changes to BSA National Annual Membership Fees Announced – Greater Tampa Bay Area Council (

The Renewal fee for Scouts who were a part of Cub Scouts since last year is $113 per Scout. This is a non-negotiable fee and it is paid by the Pack directly to our council. This fee is due for all renewing scouts to the Pack by 12/1/2023.

Scouts who joined after August 1st, 2023, have paid their annual BSA membership fee when they joined and will now cover them until their renewal date 1 year from their join date.

Pack Dues

Our Pack committee over the summer has set our Pack Dues to $370 per Scout for this Scout Year (7/2023 – 6/2024). This covers all of the direct program costs, achievements, pack campouts, leadership fees, and our shared pack activities like Pinewood Derby, Rain gutter Regatta, Blue & Gold Dinner, and many others.

This fee is required for all scouts to participate in Pack 431 and is due 12/31/2023.

For new families that joined after 7/1/2023, the fee is prorated to your join date. You will receive your prorated dues amount with our fundraising statement.

Popcorn Fundraising

For Scouts who participated in our fundraising campaign, the net proceeds of their sales and donations at storefronts have been applied directly to their BSA membership fees and Pack Dues. Nearly half of our scouts were able to cover their Pack Dues and BSA Membership fees through their fundraising efforts.

The Pack will be sending out to each scout and their parents a fundraising statement showing how their fundraising efforts were applied to their fees and optional pack adventures. This statement will show you how much your fees are and when it is due.

How to Pay your fees

There are 2 ways you can pay your scout’s fees to the Pack:

  • Write a check Payable to CUB SCOUT PACK 431. Please write your scout(s) name on the check and hand it to either Dan Savarese or Doug Jenkins at our meetings this month. We are meeting on 11/14 or 11/28.
  • Pay directly via Square: The pack has partnered with Square to accept credit and debit cards. We will send each scout and their parent an invoice via square where you can pay directly. A 3.3% fee will be applied for online invoices.

If you have questions regarding the fees, the process, or the popcorn fundraising please contact either Dan Savarese or Doug Jenkins.

Doug Jenkins
Pack 431

Dan Savarese
Pack Committee Chair
Pack 431