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Getting Started

All the information to get started for a new Scout Year!

Welcome back, Pack 431!

Here is a quick rundown on getting ready to start the new year.

You are here NOW! Bookmark this website to easily access important information, including our event calendar and announcements. Find links to BSA resources, forms, fundraising tools, and links to helpful videos on maximizing your child’s and family’s Scouting experience.

Advancements, calendar, messaging, newsletters and Scout Accounts are all located here. This is the heart of our program, so create your profile and sign in!

Scout Book

This is the Popcorn Sales app. One of the great aspects of Scouting is the ability for your child to fundraise to cover dues and other adventures. The app comes in handy for online fundraising as well as the Show & Sell events that the Pack will arrange through the months of August – October.

Forms A & B are necessary for Pack Camping and other multi-day events, plus any Council Events. A good Best Practice is to print and turn them in at the first Pack Meeting of the year for each child, parent or other family member who will attend events at any time during the year. These forms are submitted annually and must be paper forms. They cannot be emailed.

Each Scout should be ready with Field Uniform (Class A) for the Pack kickoff. Activity Uniforms (Class B) will not be needed right away, but they will be available for purchase at the meeting and online. Also, please consider donating any gently used and clean uniform items that your child may have outgrown to the Pack Closet. You can order uniforms online at or in person at the Tampa Scout Shop (links below).

For each level in Scouting, there is a guidebook available. While Scout book is a great resource with all of the Adventure requirements listed, the guidebooks go a little bit more in depth, and can be a wonderful opportunity for Akelas and Scouts to work together. Check with your Den Leader on how the books will be used in your Den.