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Uniforms are one of the aims and methods of Scouting. It teaches children responsibility, pride in their accomplishments, and the value of being part of a community.

Class “A” or Field Uniform

The Field Uniform, or Class A Uniform, should be worn at any public or community service event, Flag Ceremonies, Den and Pack meetings, or special events such as Scout Sundays. Lion scouts It is worn as shown above, in Blue for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Cubs and Khaki for Webelos Arrow of Light Scouts as they prepare to cross over to Scouts BSA. The khaki uniform is used from age 10 through Eagle at age 18. Adult “Scouters” with official roles also wear a khaki uniform in similar circumstances.

Check Scouting’s Insignia Guide for more information and patch placement guides.

Activity Uniform (Class B Uniform)

The Activity Uniform, or Class B Uniform, is our Pack t-shirt. This should be worn at “messier” type events, such as camping for example, when group camaraderie is important, but we’d like to keep our Field Uniforms looking nice. Adults and siblings are encouraged to wear their Pack t-shirts at all events so children can easily identify who is with our group.

The Activity Uniform (Pack t-shirts) can be purchased directly from our online store by clicking the button below:

Where to Get Scout Uniforms?

The Field Uniform can be purchased from our Tampa Scout Shop. Our local Council’s shop is located off I-275 at Fletcher Ave. The address is 13228 N Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33612. You can have your children try sizes on, get advice from the staff on uniforming, and even get patches sewn on uniforms for a nominal charge. There are some great uniform guides there as well.

Finally, our Pack maintains a Scout Uniform Closet, with gently used and clean uniforms. Please don’t hesitate to ask if items are available. We also gladly accept any items that you might pass on to others, in the spirit of Scouting.