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2024 Splash-O-Ree Camp Schedule

We have received the Camp Schedule of events for Spring 2024 Splash-O-Ree. This is for our weekend in Camp Soule on Friday 4/26 through 4/28. Please remember that we are cooking as a Pack and we will be working on the camp menu this week. A separate email communication will be out.

Camp Schedule & Policies

Mess Kits (Required for this weekend)

Our Pack will also transition from using paper plates to Mess Kits this weekend. A mess kit typically refers to a set of portable eating utensils and cookware used for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. It usually includes items such as:

  • a plate
  • a bowl
  • a cup or mug
  • utensils (fork, knife, spoon)

Mess kits are designed to be lightweight, durable, and compact for easy transportation and storage during outdoor adventures. Cub Scouts are often taught how to use and care for their mess kits as part of their outdoor skills training.

Mess Kits can be found at Walmart or Amazon for under $20. here is a reasonable kit for our cub scouts to use:

If you do not have a mess kit, please bring durable dishes that can endure the outdoors!

Packing List

Make sure you bring your swimsuits and towels!